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Hellenic Farms - Fig Salami - Smoked Paprika & Aleppo Pepper [vegan]

Hellenic Farms - Fig Salami - Smoked Paprika & Aleppo Pepper [vegan]

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This vegan Fig Salami is made from premium Greek figs, Aleppo pepper and smoked paprika. The moderate heat of the unique Aleppo pepper complements these flavors with its slight fruitiness.

The smokiness of the paprika makes this salami a great vegetarian option to smoky chorizo. These healthy snacks make for the perfect cheese companion on your platter or a vegan or vegetarian charcuterie platter.


Dried figs, smoked paprika, Aleppo pepper.

Shelf Life

No refrigeration necessary - even after opening. 6.4oz each

-Raw, natural, wholesome


-No added Salts or Sugars

-GMO Free-Gluten Free

-Ideal for a charcuterie platter when entertaining guests with different dietary restrictions
Made in Greece


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