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Radish – Health Benefits as a Cooking Ingredient

Radishes have undergone a popular revival due to well-known chefs & home cooking writers making it a regular addition to delicious recipes.

This uniquely flavored, power-packed, crisp & crunchy healthy vegetable is guaranteed to zest up whatever you put it in!


Its pungent peppery taste makes it super versatile, so have fun trying it out raw, roasted, grilled, pickled, stir-fried, & sautéed; or even using it decoratively around the outside a plate!

Fun Facts About Radish

Did you know that fresh Radishes come in multiple shades of: purple, white, red, and pink?


And that Radishes of all colors are a lovely welcoming sign that indicates spring has arrived.

Countless Great Ways to Incorporate Radish

Grilled Radish


Simply coat your Radish slices in vegan margarine (or other type of spread), and then put them under the grill until they become slightly charred.

Roasted Radish


Pre-heat your oven, and then place in a baking tray full of sliced Radish. They don't take very long to become gloriously juicy, and mild tasting. - They lose all their peppery bite in the roasting process. And their normally masked sweetness, which is locked in by their overpowering peppery kick, suddenly comes to the fore!

Or how about making some Garlic Roasted Radish? It's perfect for gloomy autumn and winter evenings!

Sautéed Radish

nourish-vegan-food-delivery-catering-houston-health-benefits-organic-radish-sauteed-cgIf you are looking for a trendy side dish, then sauté diced radishes in vegetable or coconut oil, until they become slightly browned.


Get in some Asian daikon and create some fabulous sweet-and-tangy pickles from thinly sliced radishes. Note: chefs like to use Radishes for making pickles, as they maintain their crunch and don’t become all soggy!

Potato Salad

Make a mayo-based potato salad with a difference, by adding some super crunchy diced Radishes.


Add some olive oil and a touch of salt (to minimise the sliced Radishes' heat), and then place in hummus for a delicious dip.



Puree the green Radish tops along with a few slices of Radish and add to your soup mix.


Toss some young Radish leaves into a salad or cook them just like spinach!



Spread some vegan margarine (or other vegan spread) on squares of whole meal bread, and then top them up with vegan cheese, (optional: finely sliced vegan sausage), and thinly sliced radish.

Fried Rice

Quarter up your Radishes, and stir-fry along with several other vegetables in fried rice.

Top Tip

All of us have experienced going to the cupboard to take out the Radishes we brought only a few days before, only to find that they've become all soft and unappealing.


But instead of throwing them away, try freshening them up by putting them in some ice-cold water.  Leave for about 30 minutes, and then they're ready to roll!

Give a Thumbs Up to Your Health by Adding Radish

"Radishes are rich in antioxidants and minerals, such as calcium & potassium. Together, these nutrients help lower high blood pressure and reduce our risk for heart disease. They also boast a good amount of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant to protect our cells from damage. This root vegetable is also a good source of natural nitrates that improve blood flow" [1]

Side Dish Recipe: Keto Sautéed Radishes

nourish-vegan-food-delivery-catering-houston-health-benefits-organic-radish-sauteed2-cgThis super simple recipe takes a quarter of an hour from prep to table! And in case you're wondering what it tastes like, it's on a par with sautéed potatoes, but with an added bite factor. - 

However, it's a lot tamer than what raw Radish put out!

Interestingly, as you cook them, the Radish develop a potato-like light texture. - And in line with potatoes, they taste fabulous when you sauté them to be sumptuously crispy on the outside.


  • Cut off the roots and green tops, and then wash the Radishes
  • Now cut them (lengthways) into quarters, or if they are large, into eights. - This will generate a greater surface area for browning
  • Now take a large skillet and heat some vegetable oil on a medium-high heat
  • When the oil starts to bubble, place your Radish slices into the pan, without putting any on top of another (this will allow them to brown evenly, so they get nice and crispy on the outside
  • Stir (only) occasionally until the slices become supple and browned. Note: do not over-stir, because if you do, the slices wont become wonderfully browned and crispy!
  • Season with salt and ground pepper
  • Now serve your offering as a mega healthy keto side dish. - Enjoy!


[1]. WebMD (2020), "Radish: Health Benefits, Nutrition, and Uses."

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