Shipping Policy

Shipping & Handling:

You have the option to select Delivery or Pickup for your order at the time you complete your purchase.

If you choose Local Delivery option, you agree to pay the Local Delivery fee at the time you make a purchase.

We reserve the right to increase, decrease, add or eliminate Local Delivery charges from time to time, but we will provide notice of the charges applicable to you before you make your purchase.

Upon delivery at the address specified in the order, ownership, and the risk of loss with respect to the meals pass to you. Following delivery, you are solely responsible for the proper and safe preparation, storage, and cooking of the meals. By ordering any of our meals, you agree to use and consume our meals at your own risk.

To receive deliveries, you must live in a residential home or apartment, or receive permission from your employer or business owner to receive delivery to a business address.

If you are not at home when your shipment arrives, the delivery driver will generally leave the package for you at your door, unless other delivery instructions have been provided by you when you placed your order.

Our meals may be packaged with insulated liners and gel packs and will typically remain cold and fresh for several hours, however the length of time the meals remain cold and fresh will depend on the season and temperature at the time of delivery. You should plan for immediate and proper storage of your meals after delivery, prior to consumption. If something is missing from your shipment, please contact us.

In the case of inclement weather or other events beyond our control that interfere with our (or a third party’s) ability to deliver your order, we will attempt to deliver or cause your order to be delivered as soon as reasonably possible.

If timely delivery of your meals is not feasible, we may cancel your meal delivery and issue you a credit or refund of the purchase price for that meal delivery.

Deliveries and Food Safety: All Order Methods

To maintain the quality and integrity of our meals, we recommend that you immediately refrigerate all perishable items upon receipt and follow the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (“USDA”) instructions on refrigeration and food safety.

Third Party Information Providers and Merchants: All Order Methods

In certain cases, you may use third parties that are not owned or operated by NOURISH Cooking Co. to order and deliver your items.

In such instances, NOURISH Cooking Co acts only as the link between you and such third parties. The purchase, payment, warranty, guarantee, delivery, maintenance, and all other matters concerning the merchandise, services and/or information ordered or received from such third parties are covered by their respective customer agreements and policies and are matters that should be addressed solely between you and such third parties.

NOURISH Cooking Co. makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the merchandise, services and/or information received from such third parties and the fact that NOURISH Cooking Co. makes such products, information, and services available to you is not, and should not be construed as, an endorsement of the third parties and/or the products, services, and information that they provide.

You agree that NOURISH Cooking Co. shall have no obligation and incur no liability to you in connection with any products or services from third parties related to shipping and delivery that are not owned or operated by NOURISH Cooking Co..