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Darë Butter Pecan Cheesecake [vegan]

Darë Butter Pecan Cheesecake [vegan]

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[v] Vegan

Experience the ultimate taste of autumn with our Carrot Cake Cheesecake!

We've combined the zesty kick of Ginger's Revenge Ginger Soda with real carrot juice and a medley of warming spices to create a masterpiece to rival the classic.

Each bite is a journey through the season, and it's perfect for cozy evenings by the fire with family.

Contains: Tree nuts (cashew)
Walnuts. GF Rolled Oats. Medjool Dates. Coconut Oil. Cashews. Coconut Milk. Cultures. Filtered Water. Kosher Salt. Vanilla. Ginger's Revenge Ginger Soda. Carrot Juice. Nutmeg. Five Spice. Powdered Sugar. Lemon Juice.

Shelf Life / Storage
1 month in Freezer

Darë was brought into existence by chef, Gwendolyn Dare Hageman, who spent most of her life as an omnivore inspired by her chef Dad. The two had a snack ritual involving a block of cheese, a pack of crackers, and a knife. When Gwendolyn decided to pursue an animal-free lifestyle, the thought of losing her favorite snack sent her searching high and low for a sufficient substitute.
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